Only Steels born so far for 2019

But we're not complaining, especially when they look like this young lady

Magnetta - First time table training (at 11 weeks) 

at 5 Weeks

at 7 weeks
at 9 weeks

at 11 weeks
(Upton's Pablo at Ruskin ex Ruskin's Sandrya)

< Pablo
Sandyra >

Sandyra is once again mated, this time to The LAST MG, and we have 4 other does also expecting at the minute. Steels & REW's

 Ruskin's Kayleigh (JAN Imp ex Ruskin's Steel Magnolia)
She is mated to Pablo

Ruskin's Nobella (100% the OLD Dutch lines,although bred in the UK)
We're looking forward to a little from this girl to R.STRAUSS very son as well.

Ruskin's Thelma (Ethelwolf Ducth Imp ex R.Steel Magnolia)
is mated to a REW Buck called Toms Tin Tim of Ruskin

and this little tot is Ruskin's Janettele - just over 10 months old and weighing 2lb 4oz BUT she is mated , also to R.STRAUSS and its looking very hopeful she is going to produce as well



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